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Used Cerent - Used Cisco Cerent - Cisco ONS - Enjoy the Savings on Cisco ONS 15454-10G-X, 15454-DS1N-14, and so much more Cisco ONS Cerent Network Equipment!

Cisco ONS Cerent Optical Multiservice Edge and Transport

The Cisco ONS 15454 combines the capacity of advanced optical transport with the intelligence of IP (Internet Protocol) to cost-effectively deliver voice and data services.

Cisco ONS 15454 Multiservice Transport Platform - ANSI mechanics (right) and ETSI mechanics (left).

Used Cisco Cerent ONS Networking Equipment

Used has over 40 years of combined years of experience in the networking arena, especially with Cisco Cerent 15454 products. Used Cerent network equipment is just one of our specialties. We are not limited to selling Cisco Cerent network equipment, but we are buying it too. We stock and supply large quantities of used Cisco ONS and used Cisco Cerent. Some other popular Cisco ONS parts that we sell are: Cisco 15454-FC-MR-4=, Cisco 15454-O48E-a-38.1, CSCO-EXP-PANEL, ONS-GX-2FC-MMI, ONS-GX-2FC-SML, Cisco 15454-O48E-1-47.7=, and the Cisco 15454-OC121LR1550.

Used provides many excellent services. We have net terms available, overnight shipping, and full-warranty plans.

Just about whatever you are looking for in Cisco 15454, we have here at the Used Cerent Superstore! Due to our huge inventory, we are able to ship overnight and service over 60 countries on a regularly basis.

All Used Equipment Goes Through Extensive Testing

Cisco Systems purchased Cerent, based in Palo Alto, in 1999 for 7 Billion dollars. The Cerent 15454 was and still is the standard for a SONET ADM (Add-Drop Multiplexor) system. The Cisco 15454 Series has continue through time to be the top in SONET multiplexing technology. When Cisco Systems first purchased Cerent, it was called "Cisco Cerent," but Cisco later removed the Cerent to just call their products Cisco ONS.

Maintaining their reliability and popularity with network professionals are the Cisco 15454-OC192-LR1550, Cerent 15454-10G-X, 15454-10G-XR, 15454-OC192-LR2, 15454-FTA2, 15454-DS1N-14, 15454-TCC2P-K9, 15454-OC192SR1310, 15454-OC34IR1310, 15454-MRC-I-12, 15454-EIA-UBICH-B, 15454-EIA-UBICH-A, 15454-AIC, 15454-FTF4, 15454-FTA-3T, 15454-FTF2, 15454-CC-FTA, 15454-TCC2P, and the 15454-XC-10G.

If you are also trying to find Used Cisco, visit our parent company: Genesis Global.

With Cisco's 15454 line card series still spanning the course of durability and time, the optical 15454 will be around for a long time. If nothing else, remember this: All our equipment is fully-tested and guaranteed. Yes, we take the time to test each and every port, power supply, and LED (Light Emitting Device) prior to selling and shipping it to you. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of delivering the best network equipment possible.

Cisco ONS 15500 Series

The Cisco ONS 15500 Series carries critical storage and data applications over optical dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) networks.

The Cisco ONS 15530 offers  Enterprise Systems Connection, Fibre Channel, IBM Fiber Connection, and Gigabit Ethernet. 

Huge Inventory of Cisco ONS

Enjoy the huge savings and give us a call or email today. Save your company money and buy used Cisco Cerent and Cisco ONS with us. We have a huge inventory of Cisco 15454 modules that is just waiting to be sold!

Used Cisco Cerent ONS Network

Cisco Part # XC-G10
 Cerent 15454 Series
[Product Description]


Cisco Part # SDH OC3 IR 4/STM1 SH 1310
Cerent 15454 Series
[Product Description]


Cisco Part # OC12 IR 1310
ONS Cerent 15454 Series [Product Description]


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